Machina Gadget Deck Profile January 2014

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Tranquil Voorschoten   |   1 год.
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Machina Gadget Deck Profile January 2014 - Видео для телефона

-{ Updated decklist below with possible future changes }-
Bart is showing his machina gadget deck what he is going to use next format (starting Jan 1st).

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Main deck list + extra:

2x Green gadget
2x red gadget
2x yellow gadget
3x machina gearframe
3/2x machina fortress
1x machina cannon
3x tin goldfish
1/2x masked chameleon
2x kagetokage
1x redox
2x tragoadia

3x pod of duality
3/2x mystical space typhoon
0/1x book of moon
1x dark hole
1x limiter removal

1x compulsory evecuation device
1x bottemless trap hole
1x solemn warning
1x torrential tribute
3/2x fiendish chain
2x dimensional prison
2x mirror force

2x gear gigant x
1x king of the feral imps
1x diamand dire wolf
1/2x number 50: Blackship of corn
1x gagaga cowboy
1x photon papilloperative
2/1x meastroke the symphony djinn
1x evilswarm ourboros
1x daigusto emeral
1x mecha phantom beast dracossack
1x number 11: big eye
1x scrap dragon
1x stardust dragon
1x crimson blader

the 1/2 means im playing at 2 but maby changing it to 1.
Preference really!

Also the side is player based. So my tip for you guys is watch for the top decks,
and test what works against them and what works in your favor! (preferably both)

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Machina Gadget Deck Profile January 2014 - Видео для телефона


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