2014 Peugeot 5008 - Interior Design

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New 5008, top-of-the-range and stimulating:
the unique compact MPV

When it arrived in the segment, PEUGEOT shook up the range of products available with a
vehicle which, while observing the essentials expected, brought previously unheard-of qualities.
Its fluid and elegant style and its dynamic qualities make it a unique product in the segment.

Within a compact size, the 5008 carries its passengers in a high level of practicality, comfort and safety. From an elevated position, defined by a high console, the driver has a clear view of all the surroundings. The road speed is also indicated on the Head-up display. The 5008 is practical to use and stimulating to drive.

Functional, the rear compartment allows flexibility in the use of space: five individually retractable seats, flat floor, folding front passenger seat with table position...
The seven seat version offers a high level of accommodation for the two additional passengers, in a space in which it is comfortable to travel.

The new 5008 has a top-of-the-range style which is perceived instantly as indicated by the light signature of the new technological headlamps.

Always moving, ready to go
In an instant, the driver and passengers understand the qualities of the 5008. Each anticipates the future pleasure that they will feel as the style of the Compact MPV is striking: passenger space, quality, protection, dynamic performance, efficiency...

The completely new front appearance adopts the stylistic codes of the marque, with technological headlamps that express strength through their meticulous integration with the bodywork.
Technological, on the top-of-the-range versions have a xenon lens, the projected height of which is corrected automatically according to the load and the beam of which is directed towards the inside
of the prescribed turn. At the base of the headlamp are housed the light signature and the directional indicators, these two LED functions using the fla t g uide technology. On each side of the lower air intake, a chromed trim emphasises the fog lamp with its 'C' shape design.

Between the two headlights is the thin 'floating grille' with chromed bead detailing across the width of the passenger compartment and this perception is reinforced by the lower front panel area, which extends further towards the sides of the vehicle.

In profile, the balanced lines express several characteristics, combined for the first time. The 5008 has the appearance of always seemingly to be moving due to the pure treatment of the style lines.
The plunging bonnet and the windscreen part the air in the most effective and efficient manner. The design is confirmed by the measurements, with a Cd of just 0.29.

The body waist line, through its styling directly above the rear wheels, promises a certain dynamism and, through its height, excellent safety. The roof bars have the same function, surrounding the passenger compartment and solidly integrating with the D post. Nevertheless, these qualities are
expressed subtly. The glazed surface area is generous from all angles, with the large quarterlight merging uninterrupted into the rear screen. At the rear, the design of the tailgate uncovers a boot which is easy to access, an essential quality in a versatile vehicle.

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