Видео : The Sooty Show - Classic Episodes presented by Harry Corbett - Volume 2

The Sooty Show - Classic Episodes presented by Harry Corbett - Volume 2

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The Sooty Show -- Presented by Harry Corbett OBE Features Harry, Sooty, Sweep and Soo Harry Corbett discovered "Sooty" in a joke shop on North Pier, Blackpool in 1948. Now over 60 years later The Sooty Show continues to delight fans of all ages. Here are 4 episodes from the 1950's to the 1970's. Only recently discovered on film they have been digitally remastered. They feature Harry, Sooty, Sweep and Soo in a variety of charming and hysterical situations including Sooty's Space Ship, Sooty's Tea Party, Sooty's Pottery Shop and Sooty's Garage. Each episode is introduced by Sooty and his current presenter Richard Cadell. They give fascinating insights to Harry's life and take you behind the scenes to see some of the intricate props and archive. A touching tribute to the Carbett family and a gigantic giggle for Sooty fans old and new! Sooty's Spaceship - Sooty wants to go to the moon in his spaceship. Harry and sooty say their goodbyes but not all goes to plan... Sooty's Tea Party - Sooty and Sweep make some goodies in the kitchen but again things get a little bit messy. Then Sooty and Soo play some classical music until sweep comes along... Sooty's Pottery - Sooty is an expert in pottery molding so Harry and Sooty mix up some clay to make a piece of pottery but things get a little messy. However everything is always fixed by a bit of magic... Sooty's Garage - Harry comes to see Sooty's garage and asks him to fix his lighter. Then sooty plays music using the motor horn..
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