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Duncan Mudge is a shy and immature kid from a small town in the USA who spends most of his time in his father's farm and with his pet chicken. When his mother dies of a heart attack, Duncan behaves even more strangely, sometimes adopting her voice and wears her clothes, many times sleeping with his mother's fur coat. Most young people in town do not understand him and make fun of him. The only friend, Perry, is the link to some friends as long Duncan give them € to buy beer. As long Duncan start to go out with their "new" friends more his hoping to fit in some way. And he discovers a strong attraction for Perry, (i felt the same way in Duncan's place... LOL) who also reveals some well-hidden truths about himself (!). As their relationship deepens in proportion is becoming darker, more somber who leads Duncan to a dramatic end in a desperation to be accepted, to be normal, to fit and to be like them. At the same time, and after all, the unconditional love of Duncan's parent is something awesome. We must not forget that this is happening within the confines of the USA. A WONDERFUL movie... no doubt... http://www.filmestemag.blogspot.pt/
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