Видео : Random Smashes and OverVolting

Random Smashes and OverVolting

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Here are some experiments and smashing stuff and overvolting that I did not think made a video of there own. so I have combined them into one video. 1 - Smashing an Apple 2 - LED pops on 12 Volts. (for some reason LEDs pop more on 12 volts than 240 - proberly because on 240V the circet fails before it heats up enough to pop) 3 - A resistor gets overAmped on 240 Volts. because of Ohms law for more volts means the more amps that can be pushed though. 4 - Smashing a tub 5 - Smashing a phone 6 - Smashing a mouse 7 - Smashing a keyboard 8 - Overvolting another phone. then smashing it. 9 - 3 Amp wire gets OverAmped with 13 Amps to power a kettle. 10 - Taking apart a birthday card 11 - Electrolysis of salt water. H2O and NaCl. I was using 240 Volts AC. because it is AC both reactions happen at both wires. (normally electrolysis is done with DC so you can see the different reactions for positive and negative) 12 - Rubbing pens against an exersize bike
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