Видео : [GLITCH] AC4: Blackflag - HOW TO Easily DEFEAT Legendary Ships (No Jackdaw Upgrades Needed)

[GLITCH] AC4: Blackflag - HOW TO Easily DEFEAT Legendary Ships (No Jackdaw Upgrades Needed)

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TURN ANNOTATIONS ON! - Found by myself on 05/04/2014 (NOT PATCHED) [WORKS ON ALL PLATFORMS] Having issues defeating Legendary ships because of your Jackdaw's weakness? With this glitch you'll actually be able to JUMP ON a Legendary ship, killing all of its crew. WARNING: You CANNOT swim directly to the Legendary Ship, because it'll disintegrate you firing all its cannons at the same time when you'll be near it if you haven't started the pre-fight cinematic. And you can't climb any part of its hull. If you find any problem, write it in the comment section below. The best suggestion I can give though is: keep trying. Tutorial for mobiles (No notes on mobiles) Step 1: Bookmark the Legendary Ship. LEAVE THE WHEEL right before reaching 570m distance, that's where the cinematic will start when the Jackdaw will pass this distance. Step 2: Jump at the right timing on the Legendary Ship (Edward can't grab any wood beam) Step 3: Kill the crew Step 4: Get back to your Jackdaw, fire one shot and the enemy ship will sink. [Extra Tags] playstation ps4 ps3 xbox one 360 sony microsoft ubisoft assassins creed 4 IV ac4 aciv ac legendary ship how to board get on get in jump on jump in no upgrade without upgrades jackdaw weak glitch hack exploit working not patched easy way easily tutorial defeat beat men o war black flag blackflag pc sing money fast real materials metal wood cloth rum sugar clim fight kill resources no needed
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