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WPCA EM Girls Body Worship

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WPCA Cafe Night 2006 Casting Crowns - Who Am I -------------------------------------------------------------------- West Presbyterian Church of America is delighted to present our 4th annual Cafe Night with a fresh new name: LOVE ME. The vision of Café Night is to showcase Love family, friendship, romance, agape through various expressions of artistry by local and new talents! Through your participation in this gathering, we hope to raise funds for our very first mission to Tanzania, and our second-year mission to South Korea. Whether you are personally invested in the people of these regions, we are certain that God is enamored by them and wants His Body to express His love to them. Your presence at this event not only encourages and revives us from all the hard work of preparation, it makes possible God's dream of concretely reaching out to the people of Tanzania and South Korea! Come one, come all! Let the music move you, let the spirit of creativity empower you, let the hope of love inspire you, let love flow through YOU. Email EM.WPCA@GMAIL.COM with your NAME to RESERVE a presale ticket! _______________________________________________ Some people have been asking if they can do this body worship for/with their church's cafe night, youth group, etc. And the answer is... of course! This is a public resource for all those out there who want to glorify God with a worship of dance! More info coming...? Email: EM.WPCA@gmail.com
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